Our wonderful patients are the reason we’re in business.
Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Dear “Mr. Magic Hands”
Thank you so much for making it possible for me to “move” easier. Sorry for all of the moans and groans, as you worked on me. I Enjoyed our sessions.
From the very first day, I didn’t know what to say
I knew it had to be done, didn’t know it would be fun.
Didn’t know you were so great, didn’t know about my fate.
But when it came to the end, I was happy my arm could bend.
Thank you so much for your knowledge, and for your Mom & Dad for sending you to college!
Crazy Lady, Jeanne
Dear Rich,
Thank you so much for helping me. You made me laugh through my pain. You are truly special.
Sincerely, Anastasia
Rich and Staff
Thank you very much for your terrific care and great kindness in providing the physical therapy I needed for my knee replacement recovery.
Dear Rich & Carol
Thank you so much for making your office so much fun. The laughter, the friendship, all the talks, really great stuff. Rich, I appreciate you and what you do immensely, and I can’t thank you enough (although I could have done without the pain and screams) I know it all had to get me “whole” again. Carol, thanks for standing by me in the torture chambers and helping me laugh through it. You both are the best, I truly feel your office was the best place to be for me.
Love, Chet and Mrs P.
Just a note to say thanks for all you do. The service was great. Feeling okay and progressively better every day!
Have a great summer, CR
Rich & Staff,
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the kindness & caring you showed me during my therapy. I’m feeling great!
Dear Dr. A,
This is a note to let you know about my true satisfaction and gratitude in your referral service to Progressive Physical Therapy. I was seen just eight weeks ago in your office after struggling for two years with excruciating jaw and head pain. Within my first two weeks of treatment he eradicated the serve pain of “TMJ” . After following the prescribed eight weeks of P/T, I am delighted to say that my condition is virtually pain free and due to Richard Leichter’s treatment plan, something I can manage daily to prevent future flare ups. Richard Leichter is an engaging, practical, and compassionate Physical Therapist. It was an honor to receive his services.
Dear Rich,
I just wanted to thank you so very much for your wonderful , caring and personal ways. I am back at work and doing very well, thanks to you! I miss our conversations! I hope I can repay you by sending patients your way. I am always telling anyone who will listen how wonderful you are. I hope to see you soon – in my office!
Sincerely, Susan
Dear Rich,
This is just a small token to my appreciation for your expert care and concern for me. I especially enjoyed your sense of humor and friendly chats. Thank again!
Love, Joan
Dear Dr. Romano,
Thank you so very much for referring me to Rich at Progressive Physical Therapy last October. He has been able to help me with my neck and lower back pain, where no one else had been successful.
Thanks to you and Rich I no long get the pain that was radiating down both arms from the degenerating disks in my neck. I still have occasional problems and always will, but for now the pain is gone. I have both you and Rich to thank for that.
I am so grateful to have found someone who has been able to help me. I was so frustrated with the treatment I had received in the past. I had been to massage therapists, chiropractors, and other physical therapists but no one helped. Rich also discovered that one of my legs is shorter than the other and that was creating a lot of pain in my left hip. I added a lift in one shoe and the pain in my hip was gone. I have been complaining about that pain for years! No one before Rich every measured my legs to see if that was the case. It was such an easy fix!
I just cannot say enough nice things about the both of you. I apologize that it too me this long to write. Again, thank you!
Sincerely, Lori
I would like to thank you for working on my back and getting me back on my feet again. I am feeling much better.
Thanks, Neil
Dear Richard & Staff
A long over due “Thank You” to you and your staff for the therapy services you all provided me. I feel 100% which I believe is due to your “hands on” services.
Thank you!, Bob
Dear Rich,
I wanted to write to thank you for your help in relieving my back problem. I was diligent in coming to my physical therapy appointments and while it hurt during the therapy and afterwards, my back pain and foot numbness is now gone. Thanks for all of your help and persistence.
Dearest Rich,
On behalf of my father and entire family we want to thank you with all of our hearts on looking for a rehab center for our mother. We know that it took time out of your busy day, but we are forever thankful. You are an exceptional friend, human being. Your kindness shall never be forgotten!
Love always, Linda & Family
Just a small gesture of my gratitude for all that you did for me. Dr. Sileo was right. You’re the best!
Thank you, Anne
Dear Rich,
I just wanted to thank you for the great experience I had with physical therapy. You provided a completely unique service that I have never had before in any physical therapy office. Your hands on approach improved my ability to move my shoulder and gradually reduce the pain. Your personal attention made coming to your office a very pleasant experience. I will continue to recommend you to anyone I know who needs physical therapy. Thank you again and hope to see you soon.
Sincerely, Nancy
To Rich,
Thank you for everything you have done to help me get better. I have learned a lot from you. Going through all of this has made me consider becoming a physical therapist. Thanks again
From, Jesse
Rich, Carol & Christine,
Thank you again for my excellent care over the past few months. I really appreciate all you did for me. Both before and since my surgery.
Fondly, Sherry
Dear Richard a & Staff
Thank you so much for making me feel better even though I am not cured. Your hands on therapy & your sense of humor have made the pain bearable. I will miss the fun and conversation but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again. Keep on singing and dancing.
Dear Rich, Carol and Christine,
It was such a pleasure working with your office during my recovery from knee surgery. Your warm and personable behavior made a painful experience a little easier to swallow. I will continue to recommend and refer the office to patients and friends. Rich you are a wonderful physical therapist and person. How you are able to make someone laugh through the tears and pain is remarkable.
Thanks so much, Amy
Dear Rich & Staff,
I am sorry it has taken so long to do this but I would like to thank you for the great services you gave Katherine. You all treat everyone like family. Thank you!
Love always, The Family of Katherine
It was your treatments that let me climb “The Great Wall of China” and enjoy the trip of a lifetime.
Thank you so very much, Gina